ESCROW Entertainment Co., Ltd., operating under the name ESCROW Entertainment (에스크로 엔터테인먼트) aims to initiate a fresh era in the cultural content industry.

We aim to be a leader in promoting popular culture through customer-focused strategies and

innovative planning, forging a distinct path in the entertainment industry.

The company’s key principles include:

● Establishing ourselves as a leading Entertainment & Contents company in Asia.
● Fostering talent with clear ideas, impressive creativity, and planning skills.
● Contributing to the growth of Korean culture by embracing change and new challenges.
● Achieving self-sustainable management and a transparent corporate culture.

| C  C  O정연태 (鄭然太 / YOUNTAE  CHUNG) ( Chief Creative Officer )

| Education 

National Tax University, Department of Internal Taxation Major

Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Arts, Performance Video Major

| Company

CEO of tax corporation <Escrow>, tax accountant

CEO of <Escrow Planning Co., Ltd.>

CEO of <Jace 21 Co., Ltd>

 | Books   Underground Economy and Crime Taxes
| CareerDevelopment and design of infant accounting programs E-childcare Escrow, E-kindergarten Escrow

JoSei Daily Column List

Host of SBS, Living Economy, 'Law of Money'

Appeared 14 times in KBS, Morning Madang High-end Information Fierce Exhibition

Host of SBS, Morning Wide 'Money Talk with Money in View'

Numerous interviews to SBS, Good Morning House

Host of SBS, Living Economy 'Chung YounTae's Money-making Setech'

VIP guest for YTN News, appeared on MBC News Desk, Entertainment Plus's 100 Minute Debate.

Appeared on MBC, YTN, SBS Radio, Gyeonggi Broadcasting Radio, and other cable shows

| Original Soundtracks TVN, Ugly Miss Young-ae: Like a Man (Park Kang-sung), Me as a Woman (Tarin), Gentlewoman (Lia)

MBC,Glamorous Temptation: A Thankful Person (Legendary)

Start again: To meet you (Woo Eun-mi), Goodbye (Um Ji-hee)

SBS, Witch's Castle: Even if I Close My Eyes (Kim Yong-jin), Again (Han Hee-joon), Reminds Me of That Day (Fat Cat), Live in Memory (Bubble Sisters), Like the First Time (Vanilla Acoustic)

KBS, Sweet Home Sweet Honey: Drawing Memories (Hugong), Don't Leave (Lee Na-gyeom), Trying to Erase (Fat Cat) 

The Stars Are Shining: It's good even if it hurts (Park Da-hye) and many others

Message from the CEO

In the midst of evolving times and the deluge of information, the significance of cultural content

is on the rise.

ESCROW Entertainment Co., Ltd. maintains an unwavering commitment to curate pioneering

programs and generate content that resonates with the public.

In today's landscape, Korean Wave content is proudly expanding its global reach and pursuing a

second wave of growth. Leveraging experience in exploring cultural content markets in China,

Japan, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, ESCROW Entertainment Co., Ltd. is

taking confident strides forward.

We are committed to transforming into an internationally recognized content media record

company with comprehensive content production capabilities.

We firmly believe that "as times change, so do customer needs," and we pledge to consistently

bring you fresh ideas and innovative plans.