Aria, a member of the girl group X:IN, is garnering attention as one of the few Indians to make a debut in the K-pop industry

5 Jun 2023

Aria, a member of the K-pop girl group X:IN, is gaining attention for being one of the few Indian idols in the industry. Hailing from the Malayali community in the Kerala region, Aria has won the support of many Indian fans who are excited to see someone of their ethnicity making waves in the K-pop world.

Aside from her Indian heritage, Aria is also drawing praise in Korea for her stunning looks and talents. Community sites are buzzing with comments like "Why is unnie so pretty? ㅠㅠ."

Meanwhile, in China, Aria's skills as a performer have earned her a devoted fanbase. Fans have been sharing her fancams and pictures on a Weibo hashtag titled "K-pop's First Indian Member ARIA," which has amassed over 90 million views and peaked at #4 on Weibo's hot search list. (Technically, Shreya Lenka of BLACKSWAN is the first Indian K-pop idol.)

With all the attention Aria is receiving, fans are eagerly anticipating X:IN's official debut on April 11th at 12 PM KST with their song "KEEPING THE FIRE." X:IN is a multinational girl group consisting of two Korean members, one Korean-Australian member, one Russian member, and Aria, the Indian member.

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